Roma (2018) – Movie Review

Roma is the story of a live-in maid named Cleo living in Mexico in 1970. It goes through her day to day and the family she supports. It’s beautifully shot with a real-life feel all the way through. Movie is in Spanish, but subtitles were easy to understand and follow along.

  • Entertainment – .5/1
    • Roma is a slow moving movie that sometimes feels boring. I was entertained the whole time, but there were a few parts that I started to doze off at.
  • Story – 1/1
    • Excellent story that made me care so much about the characters. I become so invested in these characters I nearly cried at one point.
  • Acting – 1/1
    • Excellent job by everyone. The movie was in Spanish, but I understood body language and tone.
  • Cinematography – 1/1
    • Beautiful. Using long shots and old school techniques this movie was visually beautiful. It did pull me out of the movie quite a few times, especially the long circle shots, but I was appreciative about its long cuts and real feel to them.
  • Editing & Direction – 1/1
    • This is an art movie. It felt like an art movie. Everything went together perfectly, from set to camera to story. It all melded into one beautiful story on film.

4.5/5 – Must see movie.