Inherent Vice (2014) – Movie Review

Inherent Vice

Movie Review by Daniel Godin (DanielGodin.ORG) – Watched 5/20/19.

Inherent Vice, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson is the story of a private investigator with a predaliction for drugs who is trying to find his missing ex-girlfriend in 1970 Los Angeles.  This is a great movie, highly recommended.

  • Entertainment – .5/1
    • Sometimes this movie can be a bit slow and meandering, but overall I was intrigued and highly interested in what was going on.
  • Story – 1/1
    • Good story with some twists and turns.  This one will throw you for a loop, a drug crazed loop.  Enjoyed it quite a bit.
  • Acting – 1/1
    • Phoenix is masterful in this.  Everyone was so good. The big long scene with Shasta was powerful and intense. Josh Brolin was excellent as Big Foot. WOW!
  • Cinematography – 1/1
    • One of my favorites I’ve seen.  The framing was spot on and beautiful.  Great leading lines and imagery with long cuts and masterful camera work.
  • Directing & Editing – 1/1
    • Yes, YES.  This is how it’s done.  A complicated set up done very well.  Everything in this movie was just great.

Final Score – 4.5/5 (Highly Recommended)

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