Westworld Season 3 – Thoughts

If you have not watched season 1 or 2, do not read any further, there may be spoilers.

If you’ve already watched season’s 1 and 2, I would recommend watching season 3, I just don’t think it was as good as S2, and not even close to the magic and mastery that was S1.

At first it was promising, it started off with a bang. I loved the future landscape, the high-tech future world we seem to be destined for. Flying cars and high tech gadgets. Pretty wrapping paper doesn’t make what’s inside any better though. The story has lost it’s edge. It obfuscates purposefully throughout, instead of letting a mystery unfold in front of you. Even worse, none of the characters are worth caring about. Just repeated meme’s of the last seasons with no progression and no thought.

The main plot point of the season is actually a commentary on how our big data is or may be used in the future. Are we who our data thinks we are? How much do governments and/or corporations really know about who we truly are, and not just our google searches or favorite YouTube channels, or what we post on Facebook. The problem with the main plot isn’t that it was a bad idea, it was just poorly executed with stifling dialog and poorly thought out motivations.

Plot armor became a thing this season. Robots can’t aim and neither can their baddie human counterparts. Tired of this. Make it work within the story, like Maev’s control of all things electronic around her, not just magic dodging of bullets.

Overall though, I enjoyed the season. I will watch season 4, but with much more trepidation than I watched this season.

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