Movie Review – Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Date Watched – 2020.05.27

Total – (2.5/5)

A perfectly average RomCom, but this one is different! It has a boat load of reprehensible “Crazy Rich Asians”! Don’t worry though, by the end you may like one or two. This movie had it’s moments, but overall it wasn’t worth watching for me.

  • Entertainment – Was it entertaining? – (.5/1)
    • Okay. I didn’t turn it off while watching.
  • Story – (.5/1)
    • Almost went with a 0 on this, but it’s not the worst movie ever and had a mostly coherent plot.
  • Acting – (.5/1)
    • Not too bad by the main actress, but nearly everyone else was mediocre.
  • Cinematography & Music – (.5/1)
    • Serviceable. Beautiful locations.
  • Editing & Direction (.5/1)
    • It worked. Somehow it worked.

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Bird Box (2018) – Movie Review

Date Watched – 2020.05.13

Total – (2.0/5)

It’s a watchable movie with some suspense, but no payoff and no sense.

  • Entertainment – Was it entertaining? – (.5/1)
    • Eh – I wanted to know what was going to happen, but I never found out.
  • Story – (0/1)
    • Dumb, stupid, no one would survive this if the creatures were worldwide in every crevice.
  • Acting – (.5/1)
    • Good enough, but blah.
  • Cinematography & Music – (.5/1)
    • It works, not awful, not great.
  • Editing & Direction (.5/1)
    • It’s a watchable movie.

Raging Bull (1980) – Movie Review

5/5 – A nearly perfect movie. I am giving this movie a full 5/5 because I must consider what things were like at the time of filming. The action is really rather bad compared to today, laughably bad. With that out of the way, this story shows just how to succeed and simultaneously throw away your life.

  • Entertainment – 1/1
    • There were lulls with this movie, but that is a product of the times. A breakneck pace for the time with important breaks for contrasting the intense fight scenes.
  • Story – 1/1
    • At this point, a cliche, but a genuine one without embellishment. Just a raw story of an abuser, a destructive hurricane.
  • Acting – 1/1
    • Most of the acting is of the time. A little stilted, not nearly as nuanced as today’s films, but by the end De Niro was crushing it. Wow.
  • Cinematography – 1/1
    • Beautifully shot with great composition, movement, and style. The extremely sweaty men was a bit over the top, but it was a nice comparison to outside the ring. I truly felt like I was in Brooklyn at the time.
  • Editing & Directing – 1/1
    • This movie could have gone off the rails so many times, but just when you think it will, it steers you right back on and the journey continues.