A Star is Born (2018) Movie Review

Everyone loves a story about an up and coming, out of nowhere artist who fights and claws their way to the spotlight. A Star is Born is a tried and true formula and it works here as well. Bradley Cooper plays Jack, a seasoned musician with a drinking problem who discovers Lady Gaga’s Ally in the unlikeliest of places. Together the talented duo create music that brings them to new heights, and some lows.

Entertainment: 9/10. I was thoroughly entertained throughout this movie. I never wanted to check my phone or do anything else, but watch the story unfold.

Story: 7/10. It’s not original and it’s cliched, but it is well made and solid.

Acting: 8.5/10. Bradley Cooper plays an excellent drunk musician. It may have even been a little over the top, but it tows that line perfectly. He truly shines in this. Lady Gaga was great as well, but not a stand-out. Together they have great chemistry and everything was very believable and real.

Cinematography: 6/10. Nothing too special here, but nothing was jarring or out of place. I did like how the movie goes from bright to dark and felt very polished at the end. Just like the characters. Bradley Cooper as a first time director did a great job.

Overall: 8/10. I highly recommend this movie to people who like this type of genre, but it’s enjoyable even if normally isn’t your cup of tea.

Daniel Godin