What I’m Doing Now

On a 30 day “Digital Declutter”. All social media deleted and banned from browser. All distracting websites banned. Being deliberate with my use of technology.

Working on two of my three websites. DanielGodin.ORG will be my main hub with updates on what I’m working on, who I am, everything you would need to know about me and my blog. DanielGodin.Photography is and will be my main photography archive. You will find my newest galleries and my oldest galleries from sports to wildlife to any other genre. DanielGodinPhotography.com will continue to be my Real Estate Photography hub.

Living in Davis, California and exploring northern California. Very excited to see more of the Sierra’s when the snow melts.

Operating and improving my photography business.

Learning how to make videos and short films as well as learning how to edit them. Very excited to share my exploring and photography stories.

Learning about and practicing Meditation.

Blogging about things that interest me.

Updated: February 20th, 2019